From data generation to its processing and analysis

Obtain reliable information with clarity in its design, operation and interpretation, questioning individuals or institutions directly involved in the research topic, whether in public policy evaluation, electoral affairs or opinion surveys. Also in the measurement of social phenomena and the behavior of consumers.

We provide reliability through representative samples, technical quality fieldwork, processing with current technologies and multidisciplinary analysis.


We seek to confirm, monitoring the situation on the ground, that the beneficiaries of public policies are those who should be and that the benefits promised are fulfilled in projects of national scope.


We have the ability and experience to develop from the assessment and awareness of possible candidates to the operation of election day exit polls, quick counts or Preliminary Results programs; all the way through voting intention surveys and selection of topics for election campaigns.


We have the sensitivity to detect topics of interest from the broad population or a particular group that is currently trending. Topics that require the knowledge of people’s feelings in order to be able to act promptly.