Our Team

Our management team has solid expertise in branches as diverse as consultancy, marketing, market research, public opinion and electoral surveys, among others. We have experience at global, regional and local level covering the entire spectrum, from governmental agencies to private sector companies belonging to the Top 500.

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Expert in Modernization and Transformation Projects

  • More than 30 years of experience in generating national statistical information.
  • Experience in national censuses, processes, change management, business portfolio.
  • Adviser to Federal secretaries and State Governments in shaping Information Systems.

Prosci Certified Change Practitioner

Juan Manuel Herrero Álvarez


Insights Expert

  • 16 years of experience in Market Research and Consulting, both in research agencies as well as in big FMCG companies.
  • Management of research projects in more than 20 countries (Asia, Europe, North America & Latin America)
  • Passionate for uncovering and making sense of insights to then be able to generate strategies that lead to impactful actions.
  • Specialist in Consumers, Shoppers, Retailers and evaluation of both Media campaigns and new products.

Juan Manuel Herrero Martínez

Director of New Business Development